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Grip Unitizing Glue
(Bonds the front and rear grip pieces together to form a united, super-durable, unitzed grip.)
In Stock Now!
Black CA Adhesive & InstaSet $9.98 + S&H
1/2 oz Black CA Adhesive $4.99 + S&H
2 oz InstaSet Spray $4.99 + S&H

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Getting the front and back pieces to stick together on the two-piece TruGrips isn't hard. I've left grips installed on my daily carry pistol for months with no peeling. Anybody that's seen my G19, knows that I'm not kind to guns, so that's saying something. But alas...I'm not a cop. Kicking in doors and just getting in and out of the car twenty times a day with an exposed gun is hard on grips. Even if you do a perfect job, there's always someone or something just itching to foil your hard-efforts. Premature peeling is the result. Usually you can fix it, sometimes you can't.

We have the fix. I've tested this for 6 months now on my carry pistol, and it's great: you just run a series of beads of this rubberized cyanocrylate-based glue along the seam where the front and back pieces overlap, spray down the beads with the InstaSet spray and....BANGO!...y'all got yerselves a unitized grip.

Now, I just know what you're thinking, "damn, this Eric feller is smart, he invented a new glue for his grips." Well, I'm very flattered, but as usual, I didn't invent anything. This adhesive is designed for gluing together rubber model airplane tires. If you don't want to get it from me, just mosey on down to your local hobby shop and ask for "tire glue" and you'll get exactly what I'm selling. And for what it's worth, the idea to use this wasn't even mine, a guy from the FBI academy clued me into it.

1/2 oz of glue doesn't sound like much, but for installing grips it's a huge amount. How many sets of grips will a bottle do? Well...uh...I don't know quite for sure. A bunch. How's that for a nice, round number? For an individual officer, the glue will dry out before you ever run out. For an agency armorer, you probably should buy a couple sets just to have a backup on the shelf for when somebody's kid needs to fix his model airplane.

  The Lowdown    
  • Black, rubberized instant adhesive bonds the front and rear TruGrips together to form a super-durable, unitized grip. Glue does not directly contact the frame of your pistol.

  • Strongly recommended for all professional users. Hard-core competitors may want to use the glue as well, but it is generally not necessary on a competition pistol unless you have a very strong grip or have some other mitigating circumstances. You'll know if you need the glue..

  • Sold in two-bottle kits: one bottle of glue, one bottle of instant set spray. Also sold individually for replenishment.

  • Yes, you need both the glue and the InstaSet. Otherwise the glue takes FOREVER to dry. You may be tempted to try and save $5 and not order the InstaSet. Take advice from moi, The Undisputed Lord of the Cheapskates:

    Buy Both. OK?

  • Darned sticky stuff. Not for use by kids. Keep aways from pets - especially if your dog has a cynical streak like mine (don't ask).

  • Ships in a nifty, little USPS Priority Mail box.

  • Very handy adhesive for other applications such as gluing plastic, archery, and gettting rubber to stick to metal.

  • Will *not* come in contact with the frame of your pistol if carefully applied.
Step 1: Install the grips as per the instructions. Cut the tip off the glue bottle near the top at a 45 degree angle. Place a small drop at the beginning of a seam then use the tip of the bottle to pull a thin bead of glue along the seam. Add just enough glue as you're pulling to fill the seam. (Don't try to squeeze a continuous bead of glue or you'll have black goo everywhere.)

Tip: Get the glue started flowing through the nozzle on a piece of scrap paper before you try to make a bead on the grip.
Step 2: When finished with side of the grip, give the glue a spritz or two with the InstaSet and wait 30 seconds or so for the glue to set. If the glue is still a bit tacky, give it another spritz with the InstaSet. Repeat on the other side, and you're done!

(It's OK, if the grip gets a little wet from the InstaSet. It will evaporate quickly and will not attack your TruGrip.)